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Innovative digital technologies for education: using AR to explore CS

Introduce ECE & primary students to computer science with ByteEd’s Play Code Learn STEM kits. Unplugged to digital with AR and programming.

Explore a new and innovative way to teach computational thinking and digital technologies to students aged 4 to 13. Play Code Learn has been developed by a team of prize winning Technology educationalists and experienced programmers in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

In this session you will be introduced to the Dinosaur series that have been developed using the latest computer science methodology and educational pedagogies to engage all learners with computational thinking, moving them from being ‘users’ of digital tools to being ‘creators’ with digital technologies (DT).

Each kit aids the teaching of future focused skills and techniques whether in school for student-led or teacher-taught activities, or at home by children and family. So if you are an educator in ECE or primary, a tertiary lecturer or student in education, a homeschool parent or just a family member who loves their tamariki to learn, then this session is for you!

The kits use a progressive STEM-based approach to learning and are very ‘hands on’ with student engagement. This is deepened through the use of a practical kit that introduces and develops understanding of algorithmic thinking and an AR app that takes students to the next stage of DT understanding and knowledge with programming & AR. They ‘hook’ a diverse range of children into learning with a series of fun (and cute) dinosaur characters and our hero of the kits, Explorer Ed the robot!

Play Code Learn is different to other STEM kits because:

It uses an engaging playful learning approach to practise logical thinking and problem solving and build a growth mindset.
It combines ‘unplugged’ activities with ‘plugged in’ digital tools.
It incorporates AR experiences to deepen and inspire learning, preparing all learners for today’s society.
It has supportive progressive teaching resources and PLD that help teachers to learn ‘how’ to teach digital technologies and computational thinking at many year levels.
Integrated learning with curriculum subjects including literacy & numeracy and deepening technological literacy.
It develops understanding of a wide range of technology including AR, VR, programming, design, 3D modelling and 3D printing.
Designed in Aotearoa New Zealand using sustainable materials.



May 15
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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