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Dacreed | Making CPD and PDP more efficient and accessible for professionals everywhere

Dacreed is an EdTech company with a comprehensive platform designed for regulated industries. It ensures staff have all the training they need to meet their regulatory obligations, and a future career path within the industry. Staff are kept up to date with essential CPD developments in the industry they practice in, while allowing them to upskill and move into new roles.

Over the last few months, Dacreed has been all about refining their Professional Development Planning (PDP) tool, which launched on 23 February. “With this tool, users can map out their professional development plans for multiple years, bringing tailored planning and streamlined compliance to the forefront of professional growth’’ says Dacreed’s CCO Tim Larkin.

The PDP tool not only helps individuals plan longer term career paths and assists management in planning, but it also ensures compliance in regulated industries by providing evidence of training completion, demonstrating that both business and its staff are meeting regulatory requirements..

“We have been working with industry associations, industry aggregation groups, insurers, and financial advisers to deliver a solution that exceeds anything else on the market. Our next step is to take it offshore and grow internationally. “

Closer to home in Aotearoa, New Zealand, Dacreed is extending its compliance success from the Financial Services to the Private Training Establishment (PTE) sector. Its adaptable design can be used in any regulated industry, including franchise operations governed by contractual regulations. Exciting developments ahead! 

“Simplifying compliance is easy to say and harder to do but we truly believe we have done it, and our customers agree,” says Tim.

Compliance managers are a scarce and expensive resource, especially if they are occupied with data collection and reporting. Dacreed helps this by using technology, providing timely information, lowering business risks, cutting costs, and freeing up resources for business enhancements. If you’re dealing with training and compliance challenges from regulators, Dacreed might have the solution you need. They’re also seeking new industries and pilot customers to test out solutions with favourable terms. Want to know more? Tim Larkin, Dacreed’s CCO, would love to hear from you. Email Tim Larkin.  

Good luck with all your new developments in 2024 Dacreed!

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