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EdTech News: Reflecting on Founders Day

We recently closed the curtains on ‘Founders Day,’ a vibrant unconference in Wellington. This two-day gathering served as a meeting ground for leading founders in the EdTech space. It wasn’t just about exchanging insights; it was a real opportunity for community members to unite, explore opportunities, and empathise with shared challenges.

Thank you to Education New Zealand for making our first Founders Day possible – their ongoing contribution has been a valuable partnership that allows us to do great things in our EdTechNZ community. 

Lane Litz kicked off the weekend at the AWS offices in Wellington, offering an engaging view into the world of EdTech. Her talk, titled “Slope,” wasn’t just a discussion; it was a passionate recounting of her journey to success in the Chinese market. She painted a vivid picture of the twists and turns of her journey, sharing wisdom on resilience and the art of bouncing back.

The next highlight was Saturday’s opening with Bob Drummond, co-founder of Kami. His story was not just inspiring; it was a testament to the power of empathy in product design. He narrated how Kami found its true calling when they realised who loved their product the most – teachers. The story of Kami is a beacon, illustrating that attentiveness to users and an unwavering focus on their needs can not only overcome hurdles but leave a lasting impact.

The unconference wasn’t shy about delving into complex subjects like startup funding. Founders laid bare the maze-like intricacies of venture capital, self-funding, and the peculiar hurdles of EdTech. The takeaways were not mere observations but actionable insights on investor assessment, team diversity, and goal articulation.

Our conversations took many turns, touching on everything from learning strategies to the essentiality of mental well-being among founders. The earnest discussion on mental health resonated deeply, underscoring the imperative to prioritise our minds and hearts in our pursuit of technological advancement.

Sales tactics took centre stage at times, uncovering the nuances of user conversion, AI’s role in classrooms, and the multifaceted world of B2B and SaaS. The diverse explorations provided a rich tapestry of insights for different educational scenarios. The unconference also dedicated time to unpacking the challenges of raising funds in the EdTech sphere. Here, wisdom was shared on cultivating investor relationships, comprehending risks, and aligning visions – essentials in shaping a founding team.

But ‘Founders Day’ was more than just an informative platform; it was a living, breathing community experience. A forum that brought learning, growth, collaboration, and an energised sense of community to the forefront of the EdTech sector in New Zealand. The event might be over, but the call to action still echoes: let’s carry these insights forward, let’s enrich our landscape.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Together, we continue to sculpt the future of education technology in New Zealand. We eagerly await our next gathering, where we’ll forge ahead, united and inspired.

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