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Invitation to participate in a Delphi Study into AI Literacy in the Curriculum

The recent advances in AI chatbots like ChatGPT have led to considerable interest in the influence of AI in education. So, while AI is not new, these developments have made apparent the need to support students to engage in a society where AI technologies have become more dominant. We, therefore, see AI literacy as something all students need. 

AI literacy is broadly defined as encompassing an understanding of, and critically reflecting on, AI, and being able to apply and interact with AI technologies both personally and professionally. However, what knowledge, skills and aptitudes are needed is still unclear. We are therefore seeking experts to help inform, explore and conceptualise the notion of AI literacy as a curriculum area (one that would reach across all sectors from primary to tertiary). 

 In order to do this, we invite you to participate in a Delphi Study to help inform the direction of this AI literacy curriculum. The study has been approved by the academyEX Ethics Panel as well as the University of Canterbury Human Ethics Research Committee. Click on this link to review the information sheet.

information sheet

Click on this link to review the information sheet.

read the information sheet

The study will take place over several weeks and involve at least two rounds (the number will depend on what issues are raised in each round and how long it takes to reach a consensus). This first round will gather your options about the conception of AI literacy and the necessary competencies that should be incorporated. Each round should take no longer than about 10-15 mins and will involve the completion of a short survey. While we would appreciate you being evolved in each round you can withdraw at any time.

To get a good range of views, we would appreciate it if you could share this invitation with any of your colleagues that may have an interest in this development.

To participate, simply complete the linked survey that contains the first round of questions. We would appreciate your responses before the end of the month, 31 May 2023.

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