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Adding to our Edtech whanau and growing opportunities

Welcome to our new Executive Director, Alison Mackie, who starts with us on the 1st of April 2022. Alison also works with BlockChainNZ and the New Zealand IoT Alliance and has a Master of Teaching and Learning, so she is well equipped for the role. Alison will be a great addition to the team, and this will help us grow as an organisation and stay better connected to our members and work more closely with them. I’m looking forward to working closely with Alison in 2022 and seeing how much more we can achieve this year!

In the news

Kai’s Clan recognised as top product. Pakuranga-based Kai’s Education’s product, Kai’s Clan, (Times, Dec 21) was one of 15 winners in District Administration (DA) and Future of Education Technology’s (FETC) Top Ed Tech Products of the Year contest, a prestigious award within the education sector in the USA

EdTech global trends and insights

In June this year, London will host EdTechX 2022. It’s been suggested that a group of Kiwi EdTechs collaborate and attend the event in a spirit of cooperation. There is no question in my mind that collaboration rather than competition sends a more powerful message, and to use a well-worn term, we all get a larger slice of a larger pie than if we do this alone. Even if 2022 isn’t ideal for you, we will also look at a slightly more medium-term plan with a view to attending in 2023. If either option is of interest to any of you, please get back to me ASAP, and I’ll connect you all, and we can work together to get things underway.

This UK article, How to create a safe, inclusive, equitable learning environment, although not EdTech per se, is very relatable in New Zealand terms. There are clear parallels between the challenges that the UK faces and the challenges that we face in Aotearoa, definitely worth a read!

Spotlight on an NZ EdTech start-up

Youth Hub | Founder Senthil Perumal | Allowing young people to showcase their complete selves.

Professional networking platform Youth Hub is bridging the gap between education and employment for young people (16yrs – 24yrs). Unique technology creates wraparound support where young people are guided, mentored, and inspired through a vested ecosystem of connected stakeholders. By visually representing social and emotional skills, experiences, and other personal milestones, along with academic achievements, employers and prospective youth employees can find each other based on a holistic range of talents and achievements.

Youth Hub Founder Senthil Perumal says, “This approach helps humanise the employment process, builds confidence and increases employment success for young people”. 

Since Youth Hubs’ establishment five years ago, Senthil and his team have engaged with over 2500 stakeholders. From businesses, tertiary institutions, schools, and youth-based organisations. 

For example, Youth Hub has partnered with the New Zealand Central Government and The Warehouse on a three-week hybrid internship Accelerator Programme, designed to increase youth employability. This programme achieved high employment success for participants who rated the experience highly too.

During the past few months, Youth Hub has been expanding overseas. “We have just launched our product in India and are in talks with Singapore. Building global partnerships with organisations that are interested in being part of Youth Hub’s ecosystem is a significant goal.” says Senthil.

The Youth Hub team are also partnering with Leonard Cheshire, an international charity supporting people with disabilities and are in talks with Generation Unlimited, a branch of UNICEF, about collaboration in India.

What Sen and his team have and are doing in Aotearoa New Zealand, and around the world to level the playing field for achieving meaningful employment for rangatahi (youth) is outstanding. We commend you, Senthil, on your ka rawe mahi – awesome work!

Heoi anō tāku mō nāianei

Shane Kerr
EdTechNZ Chair

EdTechNZ EdTechNZ is the voice of EdTech in New Zealand, supporting the growth of the sector. Our purpose is to drive the creative use of technology, inside and outside the classroom, for better student outcomes. We aim to facilitate a world class education system for all New Zealanders and showcase local EdTech to the world.