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EdTech sector poised to become one of New Zealand’s iconic industries 

February sees us about to hold our first event of 2022 Aotearoa EdTech Excellence Whitepaper Official Release. Join us on 1 March to hear Dave Moskovitz, editor and project manager, and EdTechNZ council member, present a summary of the report findings. This will be followed by an engaging panel discussion from industry experts, looking at the key learnings and what actions we might collectively embark on as a sector. The official release is online so no matter where you are, you are able to join us for this exciting event!

In the news

COVID-19: Polytechs too slow to offer more programmes online, student body says. Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology’s student association said too few programmes were being offered online as well as in person by institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs), despite moves to increase such “dual delivery” in the tertiary education sector.

Acquisition and sales: Don’t underestimate team culture. Alex Burke, CEO of Education Perfect, on what international acquisition meant for this Kiwi SaaS success story.

Kai’s Clan recognised as top product – Times Pakuranga-based Kai’s Education’s product, Kai’s Clan, was one of 15 winners in District Administration (DA) and Future of Education Technology’s (FETC) Top Ed Tech Products of the Year contest, a prestigious award within the education sector in the USA. There were more than 130 submissions.

EdTech global trends and insights

Recently HolonIQ released the 2022 Global Education Outlook, their most in-depth analysis of the global education market and expectations for 2022 and beyond. Global EdTech expenditure is expected to reach approximately $300B in 2022 and according to HolonIQ, is expected to continue to grow at 16.4% CAGR to $404bn in 2025.

Spotlight on an NZ EdTech start-up

Stylefit | Founder Suraya Dewing | Experimenting with writing without the fear of failing.

Working with schools in New Zealand and teachers in India, Nepal, Germany, UK, Thailand, and Asia, Stylefit is an interactive online writing technology that engages students by giving them immediate feedback on their writing.

We are about making the experience of mastering writing skills engaging,” says Suraya

Stylefit’s interactive technology also takes the pressure off teachers by challenging students to independently experiment with writing without fear of failing and encouraging them with useful relevant feedback. Teachers set the task (both in class and for homework) and coach any students who need personalised assistance, leaving the rest in the class to get on with their own self-directed writing projects.

Suraya and her team also offer specific support to teachers, delivering monthly Webinars on themes that include Stimulating Students with Writing, Encouraging Students to Write Fearlessly and a STEM to STEAM series focussed on the importance of including the Arts in STEM. Videos of each session are available. Contact Anna Zhigareva for more information.

The last quarter of 2021 was a busy one for Stylefit with the launch of a new website, winning a competition for a year’s free accommodation in The Generator, Britomart, offering online student tutoring and launching The Lockdown Writing competition with seventeen New Zealand schools and almost one hundred (Y4 – Y13) students participating.

“We had amazing support from our judges and sponsors; Sarah-Kate Lynch, Anna Kenna, Mike Oliver Johnson and Shirley Wine and Matakana Village Bookshop”.

And just because all of that was not enough, Suraya’s team produced a White Paper on How future ready are our students? which discusses the skills students will need to effectively operate in the digital age and the stress getting them future ready is placing on teachers.

“No longer is it enough to start work with technical skills but being able to communicate well is now seen as the number one skill for the future.”

Great work Suraya and Anna – a truly virtuous circle of support for all!

You can check out Stylefit’s resources, including lesson plans here.

Heoi anō tāku mō nāianei

Shane Kerr
EdTechNZ Chair

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