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Connecting for a better future


Wednesday finds us smack in the middle of our biggest event of the year – Techweek!

Techweek’s theme this year “Connecting for a better future” is a timely reminder that this is what EdTechNZ is all about. In these disrupted times; EdTech’s, Educators and Students are all looking for smarter, more creative and more versatile ways to connect and deliver better educational outcomes and at the same time, better address the big challenge around equity in education. If we get this right, it helps strengthen the foundation on which all New Zealand will prosper and grow. EdTechNZ’s focus this year is to better connect the ecosystem to lay the foundations for stronger collaboration between the stakeholders including the EdTech’s, the educators, government and other stakeholders. In parallel to this, we are also looking very closely at diversity and inclusion to ensure that we have the right voices at the table to ensure that a broader set of voices are heard. This goes beyond just our Executive and we have the opportunity to include other stakeholders at the table (so-to-speak) and I’m always keen to hear from you if you think that you are able to help us achieve our goals and make a difference!

It’s not too late to catch two of EdTechNZ’s events showcasing eight exciting Kiwi EdTech start-ups. EdTech Showcase Wednesday (Celadon, iUGO dotdot and KidsCoin) then EdTech Showcase Friday (Peer Assess Pro, VR Vroom, QuickSense and VReady Limited).

Then in June we have two more great events lined up:

June 15th in Wellington brings us a Connect Event AI in the Classroom – how can we work together to achieve the best outcomes for students? This should be a great event and will be moderated by our own Dave Moskovitz and is a collaboration between EdTechNZ and The AI Forum. Big thanks go out to AWS for sponsoring this event!

Also, on the 15th of June in Auckland, we’ll be hosting a meetup An EdTech Founder’s Journey with Jan Zawadzki, the founder of Kiwi success story Hāpara. This is a free event and will be hosted by VR Voom in their Auckland office. This meet-up is a free event and details and registration will be posted here in the next few days.

Shane Kerr
EdTechNZ Chair

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