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2020 wrap up from EdTechNZ


As the year comes to a close, this is always a good time to reflect, as well as an opportunity to look forward.

For a lot of us it’s been a challenging year, while at the same time it has also presented a great opportunity for the EdTech’s as well as the consumers of education technology to shine.

For 2021, EdTechNZ will continue to focus on supporting the growth of the sector –  “Education is the foundation on which all of New Zealand will prosper and grow”. 

We’d like to see a better connected EdTech ecosystem and I’d like to hear from you personally as to what that might look like and how we might execute on it. The role of EdTechNZ is:

  • to be the the voice of EdTech in NZ
  • to champion the cause and
  • do what we can to help grow and accelerate the sector.

This of course involves all stakeholders: the EdTech’s themselves, the educators within both the traditional education sector as well the business sector, Government, not-for-profits and the corporate sector.

You all have an important part to play in the journey that we are all stakeholders in. Please get in touch if you have ideas and want to be part of this for 2021.

What will the sector look like in 2021?
The education sector is much broader than just traditional education (i.e. primary, secondary and tertiary) and we need to keep this front of mind. The demand for online learning has surged globally in the face of mass layoffs and the transition to remote work and schooling. And in these changing times, educators and learners around the world have had to adapt. This is a pattern that will likely remain the case for 2021.

This has also highlighted issues around access and equity. For some it has improved access, for others, it has simply highlighted and often exacerbated the equity challenge so what might we do to help address this?

A question from me then is: “what is your role as an individual and what is our collective role in all of this”? Again, let me know your thoughts.

On behalf of the team here at EdTechNZ, I wish you, your family and your friends all the best for the holiday season and may 2021 shine.

Meri Kirihimete

Shane Kerr

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EdTechNZ EdTechNZ is the voice of EdTech in New Zealand, supporting the growth of the sector. Our purpose is to drive the creative use of technology, inside and outside the classroom, for better student outcomes. We aim to facilitate a world class education system for all New Zealanders and showcase local EdTech to the world.