EdTech Newsletter – July 2018 Update

Jackie Clark

EdTechNZ is a community across different sectors. We work and collaborate to maximise opportunities and address challenges from education technology in New Zealand classrooms and around the world.

We had great discussions at the meet-up this month with the subject “What is online learning?”. We covered off things such as: How could online learning support or replace the traditional learning, what are the benefits and barriers to online learning and how EdTech could support the benefits and mitigate the barriers? Monthly meet-up is a safe and inclusive place to share ideas, present challenges and seek support. It is open to anyone who has some stake in EdTech in NZ, from early childhood, K12, Tertiary, Trade training, Industry and including adult learning and continuous education.

The big event of the year, New Zealand Education & Technology Summit, will be from 3rd-4th July 2018. The main focus for this year is “Creating pathways for 21st Century learning”. Another big event coming up is EdTechNZ Connect Event in Wellington (25th July) with the panel discussion on “The Future of Education is Now”. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Ngā mihi
Truman Pham


The New Zealand Education and Technology Summit is next week 3-4 July in Auckland.  This year’s theme is Creating Pathways for 21st Century Learning. Last chance to buy your event tickets!

Join our next Connect Event on 25 July in Wellington for The Future of Education is Now panel discussion and a tour of Te Papa’s Hīnātore Learning Lab.


Check out UpStarters, the New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story. Access UpStarters  resources, including the app, showcase booklet, video, slides and user guide.

EdTech is evolving so rapidly that there are apps and platforms to learn anything and everything!  Read these insights and check out the EdTech Landscape infographic.

Please prepare us better for the real world!  Read this New Zealand student’s open letter urging educators to better prepare students  by being more open to using tech in learning and education.

Welcome to our new members – CORE Education, Microsoft, Minded, Synapsys and Volitama.

Christchurch based? Contact us if you would like to be invited to the next Christchurch meetup.

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