VR Voom

Future-proof classroom learning in digital technology. We do this by equipping teachers with resources to create emerging technologies, that are aligned with the revised NZ Technology Curriculum.

ARA Journeys

Using immersive technologies and geo-location to tell indigenous stories, preserve indigenous knowledge and languages and (re)connect people to the land.

Geo AR Games

Geo AR Games helps Cities to drive behaviour change in their communities by gamifying their messages to the community. Geo AR Games developed a unique Pay-It-Forward model that creates affordable bespoke resources for communities in partnership with Cities and Government.

Joy Business Academy

SkillsVR is a leading SaaS experiential learning provider of skills critical to the Future of Work. SkillsVR uses immersive 3D virtual reality and mobile content, providing industries, employers, employees and future talent with higher learning outcomes at a fraction of the time and cost.

JIX Reality Limited

We are the go-to place for XR innovation in NZ with a focus on building commercially viable real world applications. We are a passionate team of researchers, designers, developers, thinkers and doers.

Virtual Medical Coaching Ltd

We ensure learning is an accountable results-orientated tool by virtualizing training and using big data analytics to provide instant feedback.

QuiverVision Limited

QuiverVision transforms everyday experiences using interactive Augmented Reality content. Proudly recognised as the world’s leading AR developer for kids since 2017, our range of Apps (including our premier App – Quiver – 3D Colouring App) use AR to bring colouring pages to life in an engaging, immersive and educational way.

Your Future Games

We make promotional games (Playable Ads) and Training Games. Also, provide training and subscriptions for learning Game Development that can be viewed in XR. Also have been involved in collaboration for Game-Based assessment for High School.


Method is one of New Zealand’s leading creative tech studios. The Auckland-based studio is the voice of authority when it comes to immersive technology, and has been bringing experiences to life using digital, games, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) across a multitude of different sectors. Method’s mission is to educate and challenge the … Continue reading "Method"