Quantum Biology Research Institiute

Quantum Biology Research Institute is an online portal for learning the new science of quantum biology and its application to human biology. Quantum biology deals with the unseen. Making the unseen observable changes the paradigm of Materialism.

Bloom Learning Technologies

We help your company amplify the impact you make in the world. Bloom pushes the boundaries in engaging and innovative learning design. ​ We co-create learning experiences with with our clients, using a range of learning experts at every stage.


StudySpy is an education directory helping students make more informed decisions. StudySpy provides a tertiary database of all NZ programmes, scholarships and providers, as well as a high school directory. StudySpy powers NZ Government services.

CORE Education

CORE Education is a forward‐thinking, values‐driven social enterprise. We co-design and deliver impactful learning products and professional services. Our vision is for an equitable and thriving Aotearoa where all learners can experience success.

GoSkills Ltd

GoSkills.com is an online learning platform that helps anyone learn business skills to reach their personal and professional goals. For businesses, GoSkills provides a flexible learning platform for training teams of any size. Business can seamlessly manage, track, and assign in-house and third-party content.


AI-led conversational cartoon characters in a virtual world that help young Chinese kids speak English with confidence!


DOTDOT is an award-winning educational content production company, specializing in educational games for the browser, interactive installations for museums and libraries, and 3D simulations for virtual and augmented reality.

Lift Education

We combine pedagogical expertise with innovative publishing to produce an extensive range of high quality, effective learning and teaching resources – including books, e-books, training manuals (some with AR), videos, and online teaching and learning resources in various formats.


TTRO is an organisation of passionate and talented individuals who offers its learning experiences across four pillars; L&D Advisory Services, Learning Content Development, Learning Technologies and Learning as a Service. Our learning approach aim is to help governments, academia, business and industry with learning transformation, with a lens on human capability and capacity development and … Continue reading "TTRO"