Bloom Learning Technologies

We help your company amplify the impact you make in the world. Bloom pushes the boundaries in engaging and innovative learning design. ​ We co-create learning experiences with with our clients, using a range of learning experts at every stage.


MAKEorBREAK equips teachers to review essential content knowledge using varied activities and quality content. MAKEorBREAK engages students, raises achievement and features ready-to-use NZ curriculum content.


We design, deliver and develop adult / tertiary training, teaching and learning resources and online learning management systems.

Chasing Time English

We provide original television drama series with teaching and learning resources for English language education.

Career Central

Career Central provides a career management platform to secondary schools in NZ and Australia.


Your employees do their best work when they’re not worrying about money. 83% of employers say that money problems impact employee productivity. With 20hrs lost per employee per month sorting out personal financial worries. Spring provides financial education direct to your employees through our action-based digital platform.