Bloom Learning Technologies

We help your company amplify the impact you make in the world. Bloom pushes the boundaries in engaging and innovative learning design. ​ We co-create learning experiences with with our clients, using a range of learning experts at every stage.

CORE Education

CORE Education is a forward‐thinking, values‐driven social enterprise. We co-design and deliver impactful learning products and professional services. Our vision is for an equitable and thriving Aotearoa where all learners can experience success.


DOTDOT is an award-winning educational content production company, specializing in educational games for the browser, interactive installations for museums and libraries, and 3D simulations for virtual and augmented reality.


Education Perfect is a Kiwi technology company that has become the complete digital teaching and learning toolkit for thousands of schools across New Zealand, Australia and now in 60+ countries around the world. It contains over 40,000 curriculum aligned lessons for English, Maths, Science, Languages (nine including Te Ao Māori), Digital Technology, ESOL, Health and … Continue reading "EDUCATION PERFECT"

The Tarn group

The Tarn Group was originally focused on Video Analysis in sport but in 2010 we launched “Bracken” a LMS that is easy to author, simple to use and is focused on the learners needs. Bracken is now widely used across the sports, corporate, education and clinical sectors with more than 600,000 New Zealander users.

Virtual Industries Group

VIG makes online applications for the education sector, including School Interviews, SchoolAlert and CareBookings. With over 2 million people in 33 countries using our services every year, we know how to design, provision and support modern mobile-friendly applications on a truly global scale.

OceanBrowser Ltd

We’re the team behind OB3 – a web app for creating media-rich documents with embedded discussions in online education. OB3 enables students to engage in co-designing of study documents. Time-starved academic staff can author and update content within minutes. Our clients report when adopted, it increases participation and reduces social isolation.