Bloom Learning Technologies

We help your company amplify the impact you make in the world. Bloom pushes the boundaries in engaging and innovative learning design. ​ We co-create learning experiences with with our clients, using a range of learning experts at every stage.

Language Fuel

Language Fuel helps busy teachers to continually improve their practice by providing development on-demand. They find experts in the field of English teaching from all over the world, and invite them to share their wisdom in bite-sized courses.

Pacific Kids’ Learning

We create effective digital classroom resources and song animations to help engage children with their learning. We offer effective technological solutions to assist with Pacific Kids’ Learning that help achieve higher literacy levels.


MyMahi puts learners at the centre and offers a transportable profile for self-managing learning, future pathways, and wellbeing. Schools and rangatahi benefit from a complete one-stop solution for school and beyond.

GoSkills Ltd is an online learning platform that helps anyone learn business skills to reach their personal and professional goals. For businesses, GoSkills provides a flexible learning platform for training teams of any size. Business can seamlessly manage, track, and assign in-house and third-party content.


Disrupt is a business growth education program delivered in a hybrid e-learning and group cohort process.

Industry Connect Limited

Industry Connect is an IT Training organisation and we specialise in getting Participants Job Ready for the IT Software Market. We focus on Software Development, Software Testing and Business Intelligence/Data Analyst.

Industry Connect

When you join Industry Connect, you will learn the in-demand, job-ready tech skills of coding, business intelligence or testing taught by real senior developers. Then you will be placed on a well-structured & mentored internship on local large-commercial-scale projects for three months or more. With this process and our exclusive employer network, we have helped … Continue reading "Industry Connect"

Mission Ready HQ

Mission Ready is on a mission to bridge the skills gap in the tech sector through accelerated skills development in 9 to 19 weeks.