ADInstruments serves more than 100,000 students globally with Lt, an online learning platform for the sciences. Lt integrates with data acquisition hardware and hosts 500+ interactive and fully customizable science lessons used for active learning.

Autonomous Works/Kai’s Education

Kai’s Education develops collaborative platforms that blend physical and virtual worlds to teach coding and robotics to students 5+years. We created an all-in-one STEAM toolbox, Kai’s Clan as well KaiBot in Kainundrum, using Screen-free coding cards.


Kiwrious came from our desire to make “doing” science a fun form of learning. The Kiwrious Science Experience empowers students aged 10 to 14 years to explore scientific phenomena using sensors.

Tōnui Collab

Tōnui Collab is a specialist bilingual education lab dedicated to creating innovative STEMM learning opportunities. Young people are empowered through to explore the diversity of Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Mātauranga Māori.

Pacific Kids’ Learning

We create effective digital classroom resources and song animations to help engage children with their learning. We offer effective technological solutions to assist with Pacific Kids’ Learning that help achieve higher literacy levels.

VR Voom

Future-proof classroom learning in digital technology. We do this by equipping teachers with resources to create emerging technologies, that are aligned with the revised NZ Technology Curriculum.


Online gamified financial literacy program for 10-14 year olds

ARA Journeys

Using immersive technologies and geo-location to tell indigenous stories, preserve indigenous knowledge and languages and (re)connect people to the land.

Geo AR Games

Geo AR Games helps Cities to drive behaviour change in their communities by gamifying their messages to the community. Geo AR Games developed a unique Pay-It-Forward model that creates affordable bespoke resources for communities in partnership with Cities and Government.